Our Mission —


Responsibly sourced, fine dining restaurant-quality food, served by our own dedicated & highly trained staff. It’s what we do, and it’s who we are. We are driven by our commitment to local farmers, ranchers, fisheries, and foragers, and we prove our respect for them and their food at every event by cooking on-site only. 

Each dish is 100% handcrafted by our own chefs and our thoughtful approach to serving our world-class food extends to our support for our community and through our charitable operations.


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Food —


Being innovators, raising the bar and never conforming.
Food, from its creation to its enjoyment is always an experience.

We make sure that every dish is crafted by our chefs and you experience our food at its best.


Our meals are curated seasonally, handmade, and plated beautifully. We’re inspired by world-class chefs from all over the culinary landscape, and bring five-star dining to your event.

We work hard to create not only the experience you request, but one that exceeds expectations at every moment.